Friday, August 1, 2008

Pelosi, Leftists, and Free Speech: They Don't Believe In It

Yep.  It is amazing how this blog if proven right each and every day.
Leftists do NOT believe in free speech.  I have been telling you that for the lifetime of this blog, and I have known it for at least 40 years of my own life.
Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi is at it again. In one of the few examples, in recent years, of Republicans acting like they are not total wimps, House Republicans wanted to debate an ENERGY bill today (including drilling, which INSANE Democrats are against, at the same time they are saying our economy is in "crisis"--see yesterday's entry on leftist Democrats WANTING us to suffer).  But the merits of drilling is not the point here.
Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi was so desperate to CUT OFF DEBATE (Republican speech) on energy policy that she ADJOURNED the House of Representatives today in mid-speech (by a Republican) AND in mid-morning--adjourned for FIVE WEEKS.  But that is not all Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi did.
She, and the Democratic House leadership, turned off the microphones, the cameras, AND the lights in the House chamber so that Republicans would have difficulty in conducting a protest/debate without the House being in session.
Of course this was a failure, as Republicans are getting more mileage out of Pelosi's high handedness than they would ever have gotten from the mainstream media otherwise.   That partly explains why Pelosi is a "total failure":  She is stupid.  Free speech anyone?
Leftists don't believe in it. 

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