Thursday, August 7, 2008

You Are a Kook If: (God Edition)

This represents the return of my long running "You Are a Kook If:" series--items being consecutively numbered--sort of, since I don't keep exact track of where I am.  The series has appeared less frequently recently, but not because there are fewer kooks.  There are more kooks, but they keep repeating the same old stuff--or same old type of stuff.  This has caused me to stope even surfing MSNBC and CNN (prime homes of kooks), as simply a waste of my time.  This has resulted in fewer NEW items for the "You Are a Kook If:" series. 

The problem is illustrated by how this entry was "inspired".  I used to turn on the radio as I get ready for bed.  But the radio is tuned to the station upon which Alan Colmes' radio show is broadcasting (because that is Rush's station--the only radio show to which I semi-regularly listen).  As I have previously said, Alan Colmes is merely a leftist political hack--a walking set of leftist talking points rather than a reasoning human being.  He is boring to listen to, and has never said anything interesting (in my non-humble opinion).  Lke Hannity, he is merely interested in scoring rhetorical points, but he is infinitely less interesting than Hannity (who I find somewhat uninteresting, for that reason, himself).  So I have STOPPED turning my radio on as a go to bed, or have changed the station (for a turly LAZYperson like myself, this is more effort than I want to expend--especially since there are no other radio programs on then to which I really want to listen).

For whatever reason, though, I turned the radio on last night, as I was setting the alarm.  While this confirmed my view of Alan Colmes (who is an anti-religioous bigot, along with his many other faults), it did generate the material for this entry.  Colmes was interviewing the man who SUED GOD--interviewing him at length, and generally seriously.  Of course, to sane "news" people this is merely a novelty item on the order of "man bites dog".  To Colmes--political, anti-religious hack--this is a "serious" "news" story.  Nope.  The story did not even just happen.  The stunt "lawsuit" was filed long ago.  All that happened this week was a hearing to dismiss the case (which the judge, inexplicably, "took under advisement", although the result of the "case" was obvious before it was even filed).  This whole farce exposed a number of people as kooks.

You ARE a kook if:

134.  You file a malpractice lawsuit against God--exposing yourself not only as a kook, but as a person who will do anything to get your "15 minutes of fame".  Nope.  The action is NOT "symbolic", and has no redeeming social value.  It is simply the act of a kook.

135.  You seriously interview a person who has filed a lawsuit against God.  Yes, Alan Colmes is a KOOK, in addition to being a non-thinking, political hack.  Of course, this makes you MORE of  a kook than the person who filed the ridiculous lawsuit.  That person, while definitely a kook, wanted publicity.  Kooks like Alan Colmes ensured that he achieved his objective.  That makes the kook filing the lawsuit MUCH smarter than the people taking him seriously, doesn't it?  Of course it does.

136.  You are a judge who bothers to have a real "hearing" on dismissing this lawsuit.  Oh, the rules may require a "hearing" before a case is dismissed.  But a legal system that takes this at all seriously, without ridicule, is a legal system in a lot of trouble.  I trust that the guy was LYING (of which I am sure he is capable, although I have no knowledge that he was in this particular case) about how seriously the judge took this "hearing". 

137.  You are an atheist.  Now this last requires some explanation.  As long-term readers of this blog are aware (all two of you), I am an agnostic.  I guess some loose-thinking people (Alan Colmes?) might lump me in with atheists.  The defnition of "atheist" is not always that precise.  As used here, "atheist" means a person who militantly rejects the existence of God, or ANY gods.  Look at how crazy that is.  Presumably, if you don't suscribe to a religion, you are a SKEPTIC.  How can you pssibly say that there is NO GOD, and actually try to RECRUIT people to this positon--exactly like you are professing a religion.  As every thinking person knows, it is almost impossible to prove a "negative"--that something (like UFO's being aliens from outer space) does not exist. Yes, I it is part of my "you are a kook if:" series that people who eblieve that there is convincing EVIDENCE of the existence of UFO's are kooks, but there is no way for me to know if aliens are actually walking among us.  The ideathat you can KNOW that God does not exist is insane.  I worry about the mental health of atheists.  Now I have been known to suggest that RELIGION makes no sense, but that is NOT the same thing.  To me, atehism (as well as leftisim) are RELIGIONS, in this sense.  People take them on FAITH, while abandoning their reason.  Nope.  I stand by this item.  You ARE a kook if you are an ateist, in the sense of definitively rejecting the existence of any god.  I would go so far to say that the odds are 50-50, or better, that there is a CREATOR or CREATORS (one of my problems with religion is how we can KNOW that there is only ONE God).  If you look at "science" on the question of how the universe began, you have to have a LOT of FAITH--probably more than believing in a Creator.  I heard today that one scientist is suggesting that the universe is NOTHING but MATHEMATICS--that all else is an illulsion.  If you wonder why someone should say that, you only have to look at quantum mechanics--not to mention Einstein or mordern "String Theory" (you will recall that I have a B.S. in physics from New Mexico State University).  In these circumstances, the idea that you KNOW how the universe came to be is so ARROGANT that it qualifies you to be Barack "World" Obama.  Yes, religious people are probably LESS arrogant on this score than others, because they are at least saying that they believe in a POSITIVE, on FAITH.  If you don't believe in FAITH, then the idea of "believing" in a NEGATIVE, or in a specific "scientific" idea at this state of our knowledge, makes you about the most arrogant type of person who could possibly exist--an industrial grade kook on the order of Alan Colmes.  Religious people can at least say that they FEEL God.  If I felt God at the core of my very being, I might believe too.  I never have (I know:  for many of your that confirms everything you ever suspected about me).  



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bluelagoonie9 said...

You said, "The series has appeared less frequently recently" <<<<You should consider more of that.

I think we're better off with kooks than we are whiny, moany, groany, condescending, sarcastic and facetious personalities telling someone what they are, when the druther needs to look in a mirror.