Friday, August 1, 2008

Obama and Dead Presidents

For a "post-racial" candidate, Barack "Wrold" Obama talks about race a lot, but in strange ways. 

First, where do you see "dead Presidents" most often?  On money, of course.  But I bet it never occurred to you that peole might think that Obama should not be President because he does not look like those dead Presidents on money.  You might even doubt that John McCain looks much like them  It certainly never occurred to me to suggest that you should not vote for Obama because he does not look like those previous, dead Presidents.

It occurred to Barack "World" Obama (strange mind).  He was tryin AGAIN to suggest that those dirty, stinking Republicans were going to use FEAR against him.  When he said a similar thing months ago, he specifically mentioned that those dirty Republicans might say he is BLACK.  I actually don't notice many Republicans or conservatives worrying about Obama because he is black. 

This time Obama said that this "fear" "dirty" tactic of Republicans (mentioning John McCain by name) would probably take the form of fear about national security, or suggesting that Obama does not look like the PRESIDENTS on dollar bills. 

This, of course, is a gaffe.  To my knowledge, there is only ONE President on dolar bills:  George Washington.  However, you would be right to say that is picky.  The real problem here is that Obama, even though no one is doing what Obama "rears" they wil do, keeps trying to INTIMIDATE criticism by "playing the race card".  See the last entry on Pelosi and leftists not really believing in free speech.

McCain actually called Obama on this one.  What is happening to wimpy Republicans?  Has someone fed them all a new drug?  Have they all gone to Tim Dorsey's ("Atomic Lobster") idea of a class teaching wimps to be AGGRESSIVE?  A class taught lby Serge Storms (Dorsey's serial killer anti-hero who gives a whole new meaning to "aggressive")?  In any event, McCain correctly accused Obama of again trying to play the race card.

Enter the "explanation".  Obama's explanations are classic (see recent entires in the last week).  Obama's campaign suggested that Obama was not really talking about race--well, THAT part of the comment may have been a racial reference, but Obama was really just warning about "low road" Republican tactics.   Clear as mud, right.  "Low road"like suggesting Reublicans are going to appeal to RACISTS?  Or "low road" tactics" like the (lol) suggestion that Obama does not look like dead Presidents? 

As usual, Obama's "explanation" may have been worse than the original comment.  At that, Obama was better than some in the mainstream media who are totally in the tank for Obama.  Those hacks/propagandists suggested that Obama was not even referring to RACE when he said that Republicans were likely?  to say he did not look like other Preisdents.  Give me a break!  If you suggest that Obama does not look like George Wasington, is your first reaction that George Washington looks like a WAR HERO while Obama looks like a "community organizer"?  Give me a double break. 

Surely this man can't be elected President. 

P.S.  And I have not even mentioned Obama's incredible statement that we would be dong more to help "solve" gasoline prices BY PROPERLY INFLATING OUR TIRES than by drilling (relaxing GOVERNMENT restrictions on drilling).  I repeat:  Surely this man cannot be elected President.  (I know; that means McCain can be--disturbing in itself, but I can't vote for McCain because I know he will DESTROY conservatives.  I would feel better aboutt he COUNTRY--without most having that motivation--believing, correctly, that Obama is one dangerous man to be President)

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